It has been a glorious weekend! I just wanted to share a few shots of my studio (or my front porch ! ). I am hoping to get these finished and on the website soon! 
I have been greatly encouraged in the last few days! I have received letters, emails, facebook messages and phone calls all encouraging me on this mission. Thank You So much! One of the greatest ways I believe that I am loved is through the written word-- I appreciate that my friends know that! 

I love seeing how things fall into place. It has been beautiful and wonderful and most certainly, humbling to receive donations from my friends. 

This past week at church the pastor quoted the movie "We Own a Zoo." He was talking about how sometimes we just need 20 seconds of insane courage, of embarrassing bravery. And something great will come of it. 

I've had just a few 20 second moments in my life, but great things have indeed always come from it. I am excited to see the Great things happen on this great adventure. 


    Frankie Nicole Porter 
    I am an artist and a teacher. I love coffee and journals and good, long hugs. I am learning to live and to love and to serve. come join me on my adventure.


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